The Queen Mary Hotel: Your Privileged Gateway to Illusion in Paris

The Queen Mary Hotel: Your Privileged Gateway to Illusion in Paris

Paris, the city of light, romance, and... illusion! If you're a fan of new visual and mental experiences, you'll be delighted to learn that the French capital is home to two gems of illusion, easily accessible from the Queen Mary Hotel.

The Paradox Museum

The recently opened Paradox Museum is a must-visit for enthusiasts of brain teasers and optical mysteries. Located just steps from our hotel, this museum offers a total immersion into a world where reality seems to bend the laws of impossibility. Explore interactive installations, captivating optical illusions, and perception games that challenge your common sense. Whether you're alone, with family, or friends, the Paradox Museum promises hours of entertainment and wonder.


The Museum of Illusion

Nearby is the Museum of Illusion, another Parisian gem that entices visitors from around the world. In this museum, the boundary between what is real and what is not becomes blurred. Experience unique encounters where your brain is put to the test, making you doubt your own senses. From the famous love tunnel to fascinating optical illusions, each exhibition is designed to surprise and intrigue you.


Your Home Base in Paris

By staying at the Queen Mary Hotel, not only do you enjoy exceptional comfort and a prime location in the heart of Paris, but you also have easy access to these uniquely captivating illusion attractions. After a day filled with wonder and discoveries, you can relax in our elegant rooms and enjoy our premium services. Whether you're a curious traveler, a fan of visual art, or simply seeking new exciting experiences, let yourself be enchanted by the captivating world of illusion in Paris.



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