Street art comes to the Madeleine Church

Street art comes to the Madeleine Church

Located in the 8th arrondissement, the Hotel Le Queen Mary is the ideal starting point for an evening at the Paris Opera, a shopping trip to the Printemps or Galeries Lafayette department stores, and much more. However, the district is also very much of its time, as shown by the late summer exhibition in the crypt of the Church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine.


A meeting of two worlds

In this famous place of worship, we find imposing neoclassical architecture modelled on a Greek temple as decreed by Napoleon Bonaparte, and an austere crypt with bare exposed stone vaults. We also find a duo of graffiti artists, Ensemble Réel, comprised of two brothers passionate about painting and urban art. If this association seems at first glance somewhat unusual, it nevertheless produces a surprising and attractive exhibition entitled “Fragments”. It’s free admission and no reservation necessary, so don't miss it between August 26th and September 3rd, 2023!


Two inspirations creating a style

Ensemble Réel is the meeting of two inspirations which come together to form only one ambidextrous entity. Duality, of course, appears at the heart of the creative thinking of the two brothers, who will surprise you with the fluidity and spontaneity of their work. Combining techniques such as engraving, painting, and collage, and materials including wood, canvas, and paper, they give birth to a poetic and immersive world in which everyone can find fragments of themselves. No fewer than 40 works take over the spaces of the crypt of the Madeleine Church, creating a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours that offers true enchantment for street art enthusiasts and neophytes alike.


Paris is establishing itself as an essential place for contemporary art and, in particular, urban art. Ensemble Réel represents all the richness of current creativity. Don’t miss this exhibition during your stay at the Hotel Le Queen Mary: it’s just a five-minute walk away!


Photo : Richie Chan

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